Abteilung Strukturgeologie und Geodynamik


Our 2-weekly department seminar is back!
Please join us on thursdays at 10:00 in room 131

Upcoming seminars:

  • 17 May 2018: David Hindle, Flexure of the Harz foreland basin and broken plates

  • 31 May 2018: Jonas Kley, Models of the Pamir orogeny

  • 28 June 2018: to be announced

  • 28 June 2018: Jan Tomasek, title to be announced

  • 12 July 2018: Mathias Hueck, title to be announced

Past seminars:

15 Feb. 2018, 10:00, room 131
Introduction to three new projects in the framework of the DFG priority program "Mountain building processes in 4D":

  • Elco Luijendijk: Two projects on the thermal effects of fluid flow in the Alps and the exhumation of the Molasse Basin

  • Jonas Kley: Structural thermochronology along AlpArray geophysical transects

25 Jan 2018, 10:00, room 131:
Bianca Wagner and Bernd Leiss: introducing a new EU Horizon 2020 project: "MEET: Enhanced Geothermal Systems in different geological settings"

18 Jan 2018, 10:00, room 131:
David Hindle: Evidence for earthquakes and displacement rates on the Ulakhan fault, Northeastern Russia.

14 Dec 2017, 10:00, room 131
Christopher Pötzl: Volcanic tuff as natural building stone in monuments and historical architecture

30 Nov 2017, 10:00, room 131
Florian Duschl: MinNoBeck - (hydrothermale) Mineralisationen im Norddeutschen Becken

16 Nov 2017, 10:00, room 131
Introduction to PhD and Postdoc projects by:

  • Johanna Menningen: Characterisation of marble deterioration using ultrasound tomography

  • Martin Reyes Correa: Reconstruction of rift basins in the Eastern Cordillera: Analysis and comparison between the structural styles of tectonic inversion in Middle Magdalena Valley

  • Tim Knörrich: Seismic regionalization of Germany and neighboring areas

2 Nov 2017, 10:00, room 131
Introduction to PhD projects by:

  • Ali Mohamed: Realization of the Nile Basin rifting, Assiut-Beni Suef Province, Egypt: an integrated surface and subsurface structural study.

  • Jan Tomasek: Late Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the western Eger Rift

  • Mathias Hueck: Shear zone evolution in the Dom Feliciano Belt and its influence in the Phanerozoic

18 Feb 2016, 11:00, room 131
Sebastian Oriolo: The Sarandí del Yí Shear Zone, Uruguay: implications for the assembly of Western Gondwana

4 Feb 2016, 11:00, room 131
Bernd Leiss: Current State of the geothermal resource exploration for the Göttingen University Campus

21 Jan 2015, 11:00, room 131
Sonja Philipp: Ergebnisse des Projektes AuGE-Aufschlussanalogstudien in der geothermischen Exploration

7 Jan 2016, 11:00, room 131
Jonas Kley: Tectonics of the Pamir: From Mesozoic terrane accretion to intracontinental subduction

3 Dec 2015, 11:00, room 131
Michael Krumbholz: Applications and limitations of statistics in structural geology

19 Nov 2015, 11:00, room 131
Elco Luijendijk: The global volume and distribution of young and old groundwater in the crust

2 July 2015, 11:00, room MN16
David Hindle: Tectonics of the Eurasia-North America plate boundary zone in Northeast Russia

4 June 2015, 11:00, room 131
Florian Duschl: Auswirkungen tektonischer Ereignisse auf die Fluidmigration in Sedimentbecken

21 May 2015, 11:00, room 131
Alexander Malz: Profilbilanzierung des östlichen Faltenjura

30 April 2015, 11:00, room 131
Jonas Kley: Mesozoic structures in Germany - studying the all-important details

5 Feb 2015, 11:00, room 131
Jens Walter: Experimental rock deformation in a neutron beam

15 Jan 2015, 11:00, room 131
Jashar Arfai (BGR): Geology of the German North Sea Basin

8 Jan 2015, 11:00, room 131
Filiz Afsar: Fracture propagation and reservoir permeability in limestone-marl alternations of the Jurassic Blue Lias Formation (Bristol Channel Basin, UK)

11 Dec 2014, 11:00, room 131
Jonas Kley and David Hindle: The evolution of the mid-continent rift

27 Nov 2014, 11:00, room 131
Jonas Kley and Bernd Leiss: Discussion on future research on the geology and geothermal energy resources of the Leinetal Graben

6 Nov 2014, 11:00, room 131
Elco Luijendijk: Constraining the thermal effects of groundwater flow in sedimentary basins