Rendezvous with the E-Learning-Service - Speed-Dating in a different way

Speed-Dating You are interested in E-Learning, technology-enhanced learning or electronical exams?

Or are you a new lecturer at our University and want to get some information about our digital learning methods?

Come to our Speed-Dating-Event on September 26th, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

More Information on this event.

Open Educational Resources (OER) - A self-study course on free education materials.

OER-KursOpen Educational Resources (OER) are free education materials, i.e., teaching and learning materials, which can be used, changed and passed on for free. The course "Open Educational Resources (OER) - A self-learning course on free educational materials" is divided into a total of six modules with a length of 20-30 minutes each. It has been has been activated for you.

Please note that the course is currently only accessible via a valid Stud.IP account. In addition, it will soon be available in OpenILIAS.

More information about Open Educational Resources and a direct Link to the OER course in Stud.IP.

Review of the Workshop „Organizational and legal regulations of electronic exams on the “06. April 2017“

E-PrüfungssäulenOn Thursday, April 6th 2017, there was a workshop in the University of Göttingen in the context of the joint project eCULT+. The workshop regarded the subject electronic exams.

Current legal regulations of e-examinations as well as the legal possibilities and limitations of question types were presented in this workshop.
Participants were able to talk about organizational requirements of the service staff and lecturers during the e-exams and get new ideas.

Documentation of the event.