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Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)

Development economists win Outstanding Publication by Junior Researchers award

Christian receives award

Christian Bommer, Esther Heesemann und Vera Sagalova from the Development Economics group here at CeMIS received the University of Göttingen's Foundation Council Award for "Herausragende Nachwuchspublikation" ("Outstanding Publication by Junior Researchers") on Friday 8 December. The trio received the prize for their article on The Global Economic Burden of Diabetes: A Cost-of-Illness Study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology earlier this year. In the article, they estimate that diabetes treatment as well as diabetes related production losses account for $US1.3 trillion globally, equivalent to 1.8 percent of global GDP. In India, diabetes costs about 1.04 percent of the national GDP. The article has received enormous international academic and media attention.

Photo: Christian Bommer receives the award from Prof. Dr. Barbara Ischinger, a member of the University of Göttingen's Foundation Council.

Official press release (German only)

Time and Money: Themes in Labour Relations

The International Workshop Time and Money: Themes in Labour Relations will be held at the Historische Sternwarte in Göttingen on 18 and 19 December.

Organized by the International Centre for Advanced Studies "Metamorphoses of the Political" and the Unviersity of Göttingen, the workshop has been designed to consider two central themes of work relations: labour time and wage payments. The regulation of the working-week, working-day, and working hour on the one hand, and the varying modes of remuneration of work on the other, have been the source of major struggles within capitalist production relations. They have impinged upon the everyday lives of workers, and shaped both working and managerial practices at the point of production. Working hours and wage-payments can be understood both as separate forces shaping worlds of labour, and also in terms of their links with each other.

This conference seeks to stimulate discussion on both of these dimensions of time and money in working lives and work structures. Labour-time and forms of remuneration vary widely, across different kinds of agricultural, industrial, and service work, as well as between formal and informal-sector labour. We intend this conference as an exploration of "time and money" across the full range of work regimes and experiences in modern and contemporary societies.

Click here to download the workshop programme.

Arundhati Roy reads to full house in Göttingen

On Saturday 16 September, Arundhati Roy read in the Aula in Göttingen. The Aula, the symbolic heart of academic life in Göttingen, was sold out.

Introduced by Nate Roberts from CeMIS, Arundhati Roy read from her new novel "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness" in English, while Andrea Strube from Deutsches Theater in Göttingen read from the German translation.

The readings were interspersed with lively conversations between Arundhati Roy and Christoph Senft (Berlin) about the process of writing, the return to the literary stage 20 years after "The God of Small Things", the relationship between fiction and reality and the current situation in India.

It was a fantastic night with an enthusiastic crowd and we thank everybody who participated - especially Anja Johannsen, Gesa Lindemann and the volunteers at the Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen, our cooperation partner - for making it a big success.

Read a review in the Göttinger Tageblatt (German only).

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