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Applications for B.A. programme have started

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Interested in India today? In vital social, political and economic issues around inequality and development, migration, work, populism, religious diversity, caste and (post)colonialism? Want to understand these issues more deeply? To learn how to look at them from different perspectives – historical, political, anthropological, religious, economic? To look beyond Europe and European thinking?

Then the B.A. in Moderne Indienstudien is just the right thing for you!

The application portal opens on July 1, and closes on the following dates: Bei einem zulassungsbeschränkten Zweitfach der 15. Juli und bei einem zulassungsfreien Zweitfach der 30. September.

Applications have closed for the M.A. programme this year.

Photo: Some of the current batch of B.A. and M.A. students at CeMIS. Photos/Collage: Jonathan Michaeli.

CeMIS Colloquium Summer Term 2019

Plakat 3

German Research Foundation grants extension for Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya's project on coffee consumption in India in the 20th century

The DFG grant for the research project "The Social History of Coffee in 19th & 20th century India" has been extended by one year. During this year, Dr. Bhattacharya intends to focus on the question to what extent the habits of consumers of a certain commodity may be shaped by the political economy of the commodity concerned. Socio-cultural theories of consumption take it for granted that the 'thing' or the consumer product in question and the conduits of the circulation of knowledge of the product are easily accessible to its potential consumers. She argues that by making certain segment the cornerstone of the market, and restricting the quantity available in another, promoting certain forms of limited consumption among certain sections of the population, and projecting partial information, the industry may guide the consumption habits in a society where information and resources are not equally distributed.

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