Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)

Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)

BA in Modern Indian Studies: Enrol now!

Migration. Populism. The changing nature of work. Social inequality. Poverty. Economic growth. Religious and ethnic diversity. Public health. Caste and class. Development cooperation. Colonialism and postcolonialism.

Are you interested in looking at current issues and challenges not only in the European context and not only from a European perspective, but in the second largest country in the world?

Would you like to learn the skills to analyze global issues in a nuanced way, analyze socio-political problems in a profound manner, and draw together historical connections?

Do you believe that complex topics require not just one but several academic perspectives - historically, politically, ethnically, religiously, economically?

Are you interested in social, political and ecological transformations in today's India, or in India’s religious, linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as the social inequality?

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, apply now for the BA course "Modern India Studies" at the Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)!

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Five fellows arrive at Göttingen as part of new InterAsia Partnership

The University of Göttingen has been selected as the European partner and “hub” of the InterAsia Program launched by the Social Science Research Council of New York (SSRC). Other partners include Yale University, Duke University, National University of Singapore, the Hong Kong Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Seoul National University.

At Göttingen the project will be based at the Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS) and the Global and Transregional Studies Platform link

Established in 2008, the SSRC’s InterAsia Program aims to establish new approaches, practices, and opportunities in international, regional, and area studies. The intellectual focus is the reconceptualization of Asia as an interlinked historical and geographic formation stretching from West Asia through Eurasia, Central Asia, and South Asia to Southeast Asia and East Asia. Activities include the InterAsian Connections Conference Series, a Transregional Virtual Research Institute, and various nodal activities that build on the institutional strengths of each partner, developing regional loci for important InterAsia research and teaching.

The Göttingen Hub hosts and co-ordinates the following activities
1. SSRC Global Summer Residency Click here...

2. Transregional Virtual Research Institute on “Media and the New Political”: Click here...

Professor Srirupa Roy of CeMIS is the Speaker of the InterAsia Partnership. She is also a member of the SSRC’s InterAsia Program Core Steering Committee and the SSRC InterAsia Fellowships Selection Committee.
List of InterAsia Fellows:
• Lou Antolihao
• Anna Belogurova
• Ruma Chopra
• Suma Ikeuchi
• Eloisa Stuparich

The International Workshop "Lineages of the People: Embedded and transregional histories of contemporary populism" will be held in Göttingen on 17-18 August 2017.

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