Institute of Computer Science
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Center for Computational Sciences



Welcome to the Institute of Computer Science

The Institute of Computer Science (IFI) in Göttingen was founded in November of 2002. It is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The institute is responsible for research and instruction in core computer science. It thereby contributes greatly to the Bachelor and Master programmes in Computer Science, especially in the study of core computer science (practical, theoretical, and technical computer science). Research and instruction at the IFI focus on theoretical, applied, and practical computer sciences. Communications systems are emphasized in particular: At the IFI, professors from various disciplines work together on this common research theme. Emphasis is placed on different areas of research in this field, such as software techniques for communication systems, internet technology, databases, and also theoretical computer science. Research concerning the economic aspects of communication systems is also being carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Business Informatics. Additional interfaculty research projects exist with the departments for bioinformatics in both the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Biology as well as with other applied informatics departments.