Methodenwoche of the GGG

We deeply regret that due to the corona crisis this year’s Week of Methods will not be taking place in the ususal manner. We will offer you 4 method workshops online instead.

The Week of Methods is an annual program encompassing all faculties and aims to encourage interdisciplinary discussions on methodology.
The Week of Methods allows you as PhD students to avail yourselves of methodological stimuli and solutions in related disciplines while developing your dissertation projects. You have the opportunity to select methodological approaches particularly suitable for your research question. Thus, the traditional disciplinary exclusivity of methods is left aside and you are provided with new and larger opportunities for your projects.

You will receive 2 ECTS for active participation. For further details on requirements see here and the workshop announcements.

The Week of Methods’ goals:

  • to teach scientific methods to PhD students with respect to their own discipline as well as related disciplines,
  • to help the PhD students become more flexible in applying methods
  • to enhance the methodological knowhow of participants in their particular disciplines
  • to encourage interdisciplinary networking among PhD students

Target group: