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The Göttingen region helps Japan directly

The Göttingen region collects € 74,000 for Japan

Donations to Japanese students fund bridge scholarships and travel expenses

The earthquake and tsunami on March 11 of this year turned Japanese villages and cities to rubble. Since the disaster, thousands of people have become homeless and are living in emergency shelters. So far, the "Göttingen region's direct aid for Japan" campaign has taken in more than € 74,000 worth of donations. The Georgia Augusta International Association decided how the money is to be allocated, working closely with Tohoku University – Göttingen University's partner school in Japan. A total of € 54, 000 of direct aid is earmarked for the Tohoku University. That means that help will go directly to those students who were especially hard hit by the disaster. Some of the scholarship recipients are students who have lost their parents. Elsewhere, students’ homes that were destroyed are being rebuilt.

 Region Göttingen sammelt 74.000 Euro für Japan

From left to right: The University’s Vice-President, Professor Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Dr. Ulrich Henne (DLR), Professor Keisuke Asai, Sakiko Kitashima, Kazuki Nishigata, Shota Fujii, Helmut Takahiro Uchida (Göttingen University), Tatsuya Hara und Steffen Risius (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization).

Beyond this, four Japanese aerodynamics students at Tohoku University have been given travel allowances amounting to around €2,000 each. With some of their travel expenses covered, they will be able to take part in an academic course held in September at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Göttingen. It is impossible for them to study at home in Japan anymore because the March earthquake partially destroyed their experimental setups. The Göttingen Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization will provide the students with free lodging during their stay. more ...

Official bank account of the "Direct aid for Japan" campaign

Receiver: Georgia Augusta International e. V.
Payment Purpose: Direct Aid for Japan
Account number: 15 1000 19
Bank routing code: 260 500 01
Bank name: Sparkasse Göttingen

Your donation is tax-deductible.
Please additionally enter the name and address in the "Payment purpose" field if you need a receipt for your donation.

To ensure transparency of the use of funds, the Association together with its partners will be setting up a committee to decide how the donated funds will be allocated.

Huge outpouring of support for the campaign "Göttingen region’s direct aid for Japan“

Over the past two weeks, the “Göttingen region’s direct aid for Japan” aid programme has collected almost € 57,000 in donations. The money will go directly to help Japanese students and young researchers and scholars affected by the disaster that unfolded mid-March in Japan. Along with the City of Göttingen, over 30 partners from Lower Saxony representing business, science, sports and the arts are participating in the campaign. Next week, further aid-collecting events will be taking place in Göttingen: On Wednesday, April 13, 2011, the Bullerjahn Restaurant is hosting a charity dinner. That same evening, the BG Göttingen sports club is auctioning off their Europe Cup jerseys at the “Lokhalle” (an historic former locomotive repair warehouse turned into an events facility).more...

Official public launch of the "Göttingen region's direct aid for Japan" campaign on Friday, 16:00 CET in the University's Aula (Great Hall)

Göttingen University would like to help Japanese students affected by the catastrophe with an ambitious charity program. Tohoku University, Göttingen University's partner school, suffered significant damage during the earthquake. The not-for-profit Georgia Augusta International Association was founded to organise the aid efforts. The city of Göttingen as well as numerous partners from science, business, culture and sports are also contributing to the program more...

"The Göttingen region helps Japan directly“
Science, business, city, culture and sports support students and young scientists

Göttingen University would like to help Japanese students affected by the catastrophe with an ambitious charity program. Tohoku University, Göttingen University's partner school, suffered significant damage during the earthquake – many university buildings were damaged, classes have been cancelled and students and employees have lost family members or are currently homeless. Japanese students in Germany have also been affected – for instance, a Japanese student at Göttingen University no longer receives financial support from his home country. more

Göttingen University expresses sympathy for victims in Japan

"Göttingen University is deeply moved by the catastrophe in Japan. Our sympathy goes out to those affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. At the moment, we know very little about the status of our alumni in the region or the families of Japanese scientists and students who are currently in Göttingen," said Professor Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Vice President for Research and International. more

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