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German Studies (B.A.) (2 subjects)

"If the book we are reading doesn't wake us up with a blow to the head, what are we reading it for?" asked Frank Kafka in a letter. The German Philology B.A. degree programme is centred around both the literature of the Middle Ages up to the present day and the language as an intellectual ability, texts and speech. If you are interested in literature and language from Arthurian romance to the Internet, then you are in the right place.

Subject: German Philology (B.A.) (2 subjects)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Standard period of study: 6 semesters
Start of programme: winter semester only
Language requirements before beginning studies (certificate required): native speaker or having a near-native competency of spoken and written German
Language of the programme: German

Admission to the winter semester 2018/19:

  • 1st subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • 2nd to 6th subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): open admission (application to International Student Services)

Course description

- The profile "Subject-related in-depth Studies" serves as a preparation for an academic profession and enables the student to successfully study a subject-related in-depth Master's programme.

- The profile "Profession-related Qualification" enables graduates to take up non-university professions as flexible generalists with a sound basic qualification.

- The profile "Teacher", along with the sub-subject "Subject-related Didactics German", communicates the knowledge and abilities necessary to work as a teacher (at the Gymnasium/grammar school) or in other non-school professions for which didactic abilities are needed. The completion of this programme qualifies participants to successfully complete a subsequent Master of Education programme.

- The profile "Studium Generale" enables students to organise their Bachelor's programme in a way less affected by subject boundaries in a more interdisciplinary way.

The subject in Göttingen: study or research focus
The Bachelor's programme German at Göttingen is oriented towards scientifically founded analytic exploration of the German language and literature as well as its communication in school and non-school environments. The goal is to put the German literature and language into their historical, social and cultural context and to analyse them, getting down to their structural elements. The main objective of this Bachelor's programme is to enable the students to grasp the above-mentioned facets of literature and language using a sound scientific basis, to expound their problems and to process them independently for use in their own analyses, applications and communicating contexts.

In order to achieve this goal, the subject is divided into three subdisciplines which are assigned equal priority during the programme:
- Literary studies (modern German literature)
- German linguistics
- German medieval studies

Language requirements
To be able to study a programme of German, the student should be a native speaker or have near-native command of German in speaking and writing. Also, thorough experience in handling literary texts and questions of grammar is a lot of use.