I. Physikalisches Institut
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I. Physical Institute
2nd Floor in Part B, C and D
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
D-37077 Göttingen/Germany
Tel.: 0049-551-397602
Fax.: 0049-551-3912229

Prof. Dr. K. Samwer


In the focus of interest of the research activities are on the one side oxidic, magnetic films, metal-insulator transitions and the colossal magneto resistance, on the other side investigations of metallic glasses and other
disordered systems, especially with mechanical spectroscopy. more...

Prof. Dr. P. Gegenwart


We focus on condensed matter systems with strongly correlated electrons. In particular, we study novel states like non-Fermi liquids or unconventional superconductivity near quantum phase transitions. We synthesize and characterize high-quality single crystals and thin films. Thermodynamic, transport and magnetic measurements are performed down to 20 mK and at fields up to 18 Tesla. more...

Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. Münzenberg


We study femtosecond dynamics of magnetization processes, in nanostructures and spin transport. We prepare nanostructured magnetic tunnel junctions which show giant tunneling magnetoresitance (giant TMR) for new magnetic storage device concepts. Research direction in the area of ultrafast dynamics is the investigation of half metals with low damping and novel artificial magnonic materials (magnonics). more...