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Tuition fees in Lower Saxony (FAQ)

When do tuition fees become payable?
The winter semester of 2006/2007 was the first time that all new students were required to pay tuition fees. Students already enrolled at a German university before the winter semester of 2006/2007 started paying tuition fees in the summer semester of 2007.

What is the amount of the tuition fee?
The tuition fee is € 500.

Do I have to pay € 1000 if am enrolled in two degree programmes?
Students enrolled in parallel studies, i.e. in two or more degree programmes, at the same university only have to pay the tuition fee of € 500 once.

Do I have to pay the tuition fee twice for parallel studies at multiple universities in Lower Saxony?
You only have to pay tuition fees once for parallel studies at multiple universities in Lower Saxony.

Do I have to pay any special tuition fees for a second degree programme?
The same rules apply to students who take up a second degree programme, as those that apply to students who have not yet completed any degree programme.

I am doing a PhD: Do I have to pay tuition fees?
No! Students enrolled with the exclusive aim of obtaining a doctoral degree are not required to pay tuition fees unless they are enrolled in another degree programme as well.

What happens if I take a leave of absence?
No tuition fees are charged in semesters for which a student has been granted a leave of absence.

What are the exemptions from the requirement to pay tuition fees?
The following categories of students are exempted from the collection of tuition fees:
1. Students who are currently parenting a child, within the meaning of Section 25 (5) BAföG, that has not turned 14 by the beginning of the semester concerned
2. Students who are looking after a close relative, who is in need of care in the expert opinion of the medical service of the health insurance organization
3. Students who hold the office of an equal rights representative, without being given time off, for up to two semesters,
4. Students who are already registered at another university in a jointly offered degree programme and pay their tuition fees there,
5. Students who are required by their study regulations to study abroad for a certain period,
6. Students who are required by their study regulations to do a work placement semester,
7. Students taking or following up on their practical year in accordance with Section 1 (2) 1 in conjunction with Section 3 (1) 5 of the Medical Licensing Regulations for Physicians or
8. Students who are exempted from paying the administrative fee,
9. Erasmus students and students in the University of California exchange programme.

To become exempt for the above-mentioned reasons, appropriate proof must be submitted. The Office of Student Affairs takes Reason 9 into account when a student affected by this reason enrols. Students affected by Reason 1 and 2 must furnish proof of the reason for every semester as part of the re-registration process.

Can I be exempted from paying the tuition fees?
The tuition fees can be waived in case of undue hardship. The undue hardship clause usually applies when the study period has been prolonged due to a disability, serious illness or as the consequence of having been the victim of a crime.

Are there any exemptions from payment of tuition fees?
Students who have reached the age of 60 years and have already paid a fee according to Section 13 paragraph 4 NHG (Lower Saxony Higher Education Act) are exempted from payment of tuition fees. Exempted likewise are students who are enrolled in a degree programme for which payment is obligatory according to Section 13 paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the NHG.

When are the tuition fees to be paid and into which account?
The tuition fee must be paid together with the semester fee at the time of enrolment or re-registration: See the link below for payment modalities and bank account details. Students who have applied for a tuition fee loan from the NBank need to transfer only the semester fee (without the 500 €).

Where can I find / get more information / assistance at the University of Göttingen in case of further questions?
1. The hotline for tuition fees - Tel: 0551 / 39-113
2. During our consultation hours, Mon., Tue., Fri. 10:00 – 11:00 CET and Wed. 14:00 – 15:00 CET in the Central Office of Student Affairs, Wilhelmsplatz 4


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