• Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics or related subject with a total of at least 180 ECTS credits.
  • A relevant degree programme has to meet the following requirements:

    • at least 16 ECTS in real analysis (differentiation and integration) (details)
    • at least 16 ECTS in analytical geometry and linear algebra (details)
    • a total of at least 8 ECTS in the following topics:

      • analysis on manifolds
      • functional analysis
      • complex analysis
      • advanced algebra (group-,ring-, field theory, galois theory)

    • at least 8 ECTS in measure and probability theory
    • at least 8 ECTS in numerical mathematics
    • further 34 ECTS in mathematics at a level exceeding the above mentioned courses

Application procedure

Applications can be submitted at any time. In the middle of the first month of each quarter, the admission committee decides about the received applications.
Applicants are requested to submit their application packages with all documents as listed further below to the following address:

PD Dr. Hartje Kriete
Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Bunsenstr. 3/5
37073 Göttingen

Please note that all documents must be submitted by postal service (not e-mail) as certified hard copies. Please do not submit any original documents.

Documents to be included in the application package

  • Application letter stating which degree programme you are applying for plus any other information you think will be helpful.
  • Short Curriculum Vitae briefly describing your education career.
  • Copy of your Bachelor's Degree certificate (original plus translation into German or English)
  • Copy of the academic record(s) of your university studies (original plus translation into German or English)
  • Language requirements:

    • English proficiency at level C1 or higher (e.g. IELTS academic Band 7,0 or iBT TOEFL 94), alternatively German proficiency at level C1 or higher (e.g. German Abitur certificate).