Göttingen Centre for Genderstudies (GCG)

Göttingen Centre for Genderstudies (GCG)

Welcome to the Goettingen Centre for Gender Studies (GCG)!

The GCG is an interdisciplinary institution of the University of Göttingen which aims at advancing research activities in the field of Gender Studies at the Göttingen Campus.
On these pages you will find more information on our activities, goals and function.


In solidarity with Academics for Peace / Turkey

Guest professorship "Gender and Migration"

We are proud to announce that we have managed to secure a guest professorship in collaboration with the Osnabrück University for two semesters as part of the Gender and Migration @ Niedersachsen network:

For the winter semester 16/17 we are lucky to welcome Dr. Susanne Hofmann (currently UNAM, Mexico), whose expertise in transdisciplinary cultural studies, informed by recent Latin American debates, will offer new perspectives on current debates on migration, sexuality, and boundaries in Europe.
In the summer semester 2017 we will have the great fortune of benefitting from Prof. Dr. Zeynep Kıvılcım´s (Istanbul University, Turkey) jurisprudential and gender sensitive knowledge on the subject of Syrian fugitives.