Center for Intercultural Competence

Center for Intercultural Competence

"The eye sees what it seeks" (Max Slevogt)

Beneath the surface of behavior are structures that provide sense and meaning. Structures of culture and communication are complex and sometimes seem to be complicated. Understanding how these structures influence our daily lives and attitudes is exciting and fosters professional and personal development.

Our workshops are open to students of all faculty with an interest or a reason for intercultural topics. Methods used are interactive and ask for participants' engagement in order to develop individual strategies for effective intercultural communication.


Summer Semester 2017:
Join us for our new workshop this semester:
Dance Impro

Experience dance, movement and nonverbal communication within a fun group of students from Germany and all over the world at Foyer International and the InDiGU-program. Similar to the experience of intercultural situations, there will be culturally specific aspects of group interaction and a chance to broaden your perspectives. No previous knowledge or special clothing is necessary. Just come in comfy clothes and have fun.
Where? Foyer International, Von-Siebold-Str. 2
When? Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm
Start: April 11

We have a new learning app.Give it a try and visit our blog "Everything intercultural?!"


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