Faculty of Humanities

Student Service Center

The Dean of Studies Office of the faculty has set up a "Study Office" since 04.01.2009.

The Study Office is the single point of contact for the students of the Faculty of Humanities regarding all organizational questions about the
bachelor and master programs of the faculty.

The Study Office is divided into the sections "Examination Office", "Coordination", "Counseling" and "Mentoring Program".

  • Examination Office
  • The team of the Examination Office, with its five staff members is available to students of the Faculty of Humanities Monday and Wednsday from 13.30-15.00 and Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30-12.00. Questions about the expiring master’s degree programs will be answered by the Examination Office (Ms. Anna Born MA).

  • Coordination
  • Your contact for the study course coordination of the modular courses is Dr. Gülsan Yalçin.

  • Faculty Counseling
  • On faculty level, two staff members are available for BA and MA students in need of advice: Ms. Tina Kaessler and Ms. Eva Wolff.

  • Mentoring Program
  • Coordinator and contact person is Anna Klobuchowski.