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Q&A group session Working in Germany

Within this session you have the possibility to ask your questions concerning your career planning and job seeking process in Germany as an international student or graduate.
As we do not offer individual consultation regarding this topic at the moment, we invite you to work through our online pre-class activities on your own and collect open questions for the live Q&A session.

    The focus is on the following aspects:
  • Orientation on the German labour market
  • How to identify your professional profile
  • Strategies for exploring and searching for suitable jobs and employers
  • Special features of the application process in Germany

Methods: Ilias learning modules, live Q&A session via BigBlueButton

Language: English

Target group: Students of all faculties of the University of Göttingen

Lecturer: Stefanie Straßer, Career Service

Tue, Nov 10th2020, 2-3 pm
Tue, Jan 19th2021, 2-3 pm
Tue, Mar 2nd 2021, 2-3 pm

Location: Link to the webinar will be sent after registration

Group size: 25 persons

Preparation: Working through pre-class activities (10-30min) on your own and collecting open questions for the live Q&A session

Pre-Class Activities: Ilias Learning Module “Working in Germany for International Students” in StudIP course “Career Service Online Materialien”

Registration: using the online form