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11.06.2018 Working in Germany - step by step

Are you planning to work in Germany? The lecture focused on how to find a job in Germany and guided you through the application process step by step.

  • Know yourself:The first step was about self-assessment. It is important to get to know what employers expect and how you can discover your own skills.

    Success factors for improved employability:

    Working in Germany

  • Plan your career: Once you know what your talents, skills and values are, it’s time to research your options. In this part of the presentation you learned how to explore the labour market. You can for example gather insider information by talking to people working in different businesses and organisations before seeking for a job. Through these conversations (expert talks) you gain a better understanding of how your skills, interests and experiences fit into specific career fields and get information about different work environments. If you don’t know anyone, find out more about different jobs by watching videos of professional life stories on Watchado.

  • Looking for a job: The next part was about what personal strategies you can use to increase your odds of job hunting.
    Successful job search:

    Successful job search

  • Applying for a job: In the final stage we gave you tips how to present yourself at your best to an employer - when writing an application as well as in a job interview. Here you can find Tips on how to behave in job interviews with international companies.

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