Anreise mit dem Zug / Flugzeug

The nearest international airport to Göttingen is Hannover. Transfer from the airport to the main station lasts 20-30 minutes. From Hannover main station the Intercity express (ICE) needs 33 minutes to reach Göttingen.

Oversea flights arrive at Frankfurt or Hamburg which are the second nearest airports to Göttingen. You can reach Göttingen from Frankfurt or Hamburg by a direct train connection which lasts about 2 hours.

For reservation and timetables visit the web site of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

The train station Göttingen is located in the proximaty of the City center. The main Campus, the Botany, the Zoology and the Dean's office of the Faculty of Biology can be reached by foot. The North Campus can be reached by bus, taking the lines 8 or 12, which run frequently from the main station. Furthermore line 5 runs from the City Center to the North-Campus. For more information see the web site of the Göttinger Verkehrsbertiebe