Doctorate at the Faculty of Biology and Psychology

Georg-August-University School of Science (GAUSS)

At the Georg August Graduate School of Science (GAUSS) natural scientists have the possibility to obtain the grade Dr.rer.nat. (or PhD). Graduated (M.Sc) students find at the Faculty of Biology and Psychology different programmes to work on a scientific PhD project: the Basic Programme, Behaviour and Cognition, Biologival diversity and ecology and several sub-programmes within the Göttinger Graduate Center for neuroscience, biophysics and molecular bioschiences (GGNB). Note that at GGNB not all programmes are belonging to our faculty. We also have a binational PhD programme where you obtain the PhD both from our University of Göttingen and the University of Rosario.

During your PhD you work mainly full-time on your thesis for 3-4 years, have to fullfil some credit requirements (see Rer-Nat-regulations) and funding is not always included when applying. All these different programmes vary regarding application deadline, application procedure, languague needs and may have different admission and programme requirements. Each programme has its own scientific coordinator/contact. GAUSS does give administrative support to all programmes.

Your intended project and supervisor is the decisive factor for which programme you will decide. Have a look at the each webpage to figure out to which programme you best fit.

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