Press Release - New research project 'KISK'

Project led by University of Goettingen analyzes individual qualification needs of employees in hospitals

The central question of the KISK project is how established methods of professional competence modeling and measurement can and should be used to efficiently and sustainably improve employee-related information security (ITS) in hospitals. In order to answer this question, the KISK project develops job-related ITS requirement profiles, stage-based development paths of a requirement-oriented competence development and ITS competence test instruments for hospitals. The applicability and effectiveness will be demonstrated by real ITS trainings in the context of thirteen hospitals.

The joint team includes scientific expertise in the areas of ITS (Prof. Trang, Chair of Information Security and Compliance), professional competence development and testing (Prof. Julia Warwas, Chair of Business Education, in particular theory and didactics of vocational education), and IT user acceptance in the healthcare sector (Prof. Trenz, Chair of Interorganizational Information Systems). The collaborative team is complemented by the University Medical Center Göttingen (Dr. Beck, Information Security Officer, UMG), which has further experience in the design of security education, training and awareness as a CRITIS operator.

Further information can be found in the latest press release of the University and on the Project Homepage.