The digitization of products and processes requires effective use of information security management methods. Next to technical aspects of IT security, strategic aspects of IT management as well as the effective design of IT security measures are of central importance. The interdisciplinary team of the research group understands information-secure digitization as a socio-technical challenge: interplay of IT, processes and people.

Our research focuses on three Application Areas: Health, Mobility, and Society.

Functional Research Areas

Information Security
in Digitalization

How must companies consider information security when digitizing products and processes?

  • Fraud detection in business processes based on artificial intelligence
  • Ensuring information security in IT and business processes
  • Information security incidents and corporate assets

Information Security
in Strategic IT Management

What control mechanisms must companies implement to ensure information security internally and externally?

  • Organization and strategic management of information security
  • Governance of Information Security in the Context of Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Information security in value networks

IT Security &
Information Security Measures

How can companies effectively design and implement information security measures?

  • Design and implementation of information security policies and measures
  • Effective Security Education, Awareness and Training
  • Assessment of employee-related information security

Application Areas