Workshop mit Roona Simpson
'Using Narratives and Life Histories in Research'

Am Freitag, 13.12.2013 bietet Roona Simpson (Univerity of Glasgow) im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung 'Methoden der Geschlechterforschung' einen Workshop zum Thema 'Using Narratives and Life Histories in Research'. Die Veranstaltung findet von 10:15 Uhr bis 11:45 Uhr in VG 2.101 (Platz der Göttinger Sieben, Göttingen) statt.

Zum Workshop
There has been increasing attention to narrative in social research in recent decades; nevertheless, there are ongoing debates about the definition and use of narrative as a mode of investigation. 'Narrative' may be used to refer to diverse forms of material, methods of investigation and analysis.
This workshop will introduce various approaches to narrative within the humanities and social sciences, and consider their usefulness as a means of understanding social phenomena. This workshop will include an interview exercise using the life grid, a research tool that maps important life events over time, and discussion of the role of this in the construction of life history. It will also include the opportunity for students to work on analysing interview exerpts and, in discussion, address questions of the extent to which the exerpt can be considered a narrative, how these are structured, and what meanings we might derive from these. A list of readings and further resources will be made available to participants.

Zur Referentin
Roona Simpson is a Lecturer in Social Science Research Methods at the University of Glasgow. Her research interests focus on the sociology of personal life, family and household change, and gender identities, as well as narrative methods of social research. She is a co-editor, along with Lynn Jamieson and Ruth Lewis, of 'Researching Families and Relationships: Reflections on Process'. Her most recent book, with Lynn Jamieson, is 'Living Alone: Globalization, Identity and Belonging', both in the Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life series.
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Für diesen Workshop ist (sofern Sie nicht regelmäßig an der Veranstaltung 'Methoden der Geschlechterforschung' teilnehmen) eine Anmeldung über Helga Hauenschild ( erforderlich!