Master Program Crop Protection

Why Crop Protection ?
At a time of population growth and concerns over global food security the investments made in crop production need to be protected from losses due to plant pathogens, insects and weeds. Without crop protection yields fall, food prices rise and maintaining food production levels requires more land leaving less available for recreation and wildlife conservation.
Science, research and innovation offer the only prospect to develop and apply modern crop protection techniques while observing the challenges of natural resources conservation.


The master program in crop protection is a job and research oriented interdisciplinary program. Graduate students have the opportunity to learn about the basic and applied aspects of research of a broad range of disciplines including plant pathology, nematology, entomology, virology, weed science, pesticide use, legislation and toxicology, molecular phytopathology, mycotoxin research, plant nutrition, plant breeding and plant biotechnology.
Graduated students will be able to select and combine suitable technologies to solve the problems of crop protection and increase crop production efficiency.