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Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam)

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The Protestant Theological University (PThU) is a university for theology based on a religious view of life, located in Amsterdam and Groningen. The PThU aims at profound and relevant theological education and research with regard to developments in faith, church and Christianity worldwide. Work in the university is inspired by its close association with the church and a fascination for what faith does with people - explicitly including the personal faith of its staff and students.

Quelle: Website Protestant Theological University, 01. Juni 2016

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Religion is still of great importance in present-day society, both nationally and internationally. Within our complex society, there is increasing interest in the field of religion, culture and society. Specialists are needed, possibly more than ever before, in order to shed light on conflicts and on differences of opinion related to religion, as well as experts who know what religions are all about, who can provide well-founded facts and arguments. Experts who understand the cultural and social dynamics of religion and religious phenomena.

We are these specialists. Our job is to explore, to pass on and to apply academic knowledge concerning religions. We study present-day world religions, as well as those from the past. We pay attention to modern, religious movements. We focus on social and political developments that are closely related to religion.
We conduct research. We educate theologians and specialists in religious studies. We can study, interpret and explain the dynamic relationships between religion, culture and society. We are experts who can contribute to the public debate and the development of government policies.
We educate spiritual carers, who will have background knowledge of both the Jewish-Christian tradition, and of other cultures and religions.
We are advisors, and we are dedicated to the preservation of religious natural heritage, especially in the province of Groningen.

Our team includes scholars who are experts in many different fields of study. Our lecturers build bridges between religious studies and theology, and their research has an interdisciplinary character. They are critical experts who will always have an academic approach, no matter what their denomination is.

Our degree programmes are considered to be the best in the Netherlands, time after time, and our research is of the highest standard. We are unique in the Netherlands, because we are the only independent Faculty at a state university in the field of religious studies. Because we get to design our own policies, we will continue to play a leading role in the field of theology and religious studies.

Quelle: Website Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculteit godgeleerdheid en godsdienstwetenschap, 05.10.2011.