Department of Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants (with Herbarium)

Welcome to our department!

"Plant systematics" is one of the oldest disciplines at the University of Göttingen and is being taught there since the founding of the university in 1735.

The major research topics of our Department are evolution, phylogeny and taxonomy of flowering plants (poster). Our mission is to understand the patterns and processes of diversification of plants in space and time. We focus on evolutionary processes at the population and species level, and on interspecific relationships within genera. The role of reproductive and evelopmental biology for plant evolution is an important focus of our research. By analyzing asexual reproduction in plants we try to understand the evolutionary paradox of predominance of sex in nature. Our major model systems are Ranunculus (buttercups), Salix (willows) and Rutaceae (the citrus family). Find out more about our current research projects.

The Department is equipped with modern molecular, karyological and computer laboratories. We host an internationally renowned Herbarium (GOET) of about 800.000 specimens (including over 14,000 types) and research collections of living plants (c. 2.000).

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Summer break

... is not a break!
During the summer we traditionally undertake several field trips and excursions to collect plant material for our research projects.

To do so we need traditional sampling equipment like a magnifying glass, pen and note book, plenty of newspaper and a herbarium press. However, nowadays we also use a GPS device, laptop and electronic maps to conduct our sampling trips.

On our trips we have the chance to visit remote areas and see beautiful landscapes like this river in Alaska. Nevertheless the focus is always to spot the plants of interest.

Prof. Elvira Hörandl
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Dr. Marc Appelhans
Tel.: +49 (0)551 39 28220
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