Historical collections from the former Academic Museum

The Academic Museum existed from 1773 to 1878 and contained collections from many disciplines and included art, ethnological as well as natural scientific specimens. In 1832, the Göttingen herbarium was founded and the botanical collections were moved from the Academic Museum to the area of the botanical garden, where the herbarium is still located today.

The oldest botanical collections of the Academic Museum are much older than the museum and the university itself and date back to about 1700. The most important collections from the Academic Museum are listed below. All collections have been digitized and we are currently in the process of making these collections available online via jstor plants, the German Virtual Herbarium (http://vh.gbif.de/vh/static/en_startpage.html) and to the collections portal of Göttingen University (http://sammlungen.uni-goettingen.de).

Specimens that are already available from gbif.org can be accessed by searching for “The Vascular Plants Collection of the University of Goettingen” on the gbif homepage