Georg-August-University of Göttingen

Lecturer (Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben, LfBA) at the Department for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development


B. agr. 0005 Vorlesung Grundlagen der Agrarökonomie (Microeconomics and Food Chain Management), (Sommersemester)

B.agr. 0369 Regionalökonomie und -politik (Wintersemester)

B.agr. 0383 Abfassen von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten und Publikationen in Agribusiness und WiSoLa

B. agr. 0385 Praxisrelevante Fragestellungen der Betriebsführung (Sommer- und Wintersemester)

M.agr. 0102 Regional Modelling (Wintersemester)

M.agr. 0142 Projektarbeit in Agribusiness und WiSoLa (Sommer- und Wintersemester) mit Janine Stratmann,

Supervision of essays,, and Ph.D. Thesis

Expert for EU (RTD since FP 5), Federation National de la Recherche Scientifique (Belgium, since 2009), Deutsche Bank ltd., BASF ltd., and others.

Current projects funded by Biodiversa, PTJ and BMBF:

VineDivers - socio-economic Analysis

SoilMan Socio-Economic Analysis

Past projects:

(BMBF/PTJ FKZ 0330847F) in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Lu Wencong (Zheijiang University, Hangzhou, PRC) and Prof. Marggraf (BMBF/PTJ 0330800D) in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Huang Jikun (CCAP, Beijing, PRC) and Prof. Marggraf

Research Interests:

Rural Economics, Agricultural and Environmental Economics, Social Capital, Effects of Climate Change, Renewable Energies

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications:

Hofmeier, M, ; Roelcke, M.; Hanc,Y. , Lanc, T. , Bergmann,H. , Böhm, D. Cai,Z. , Nieder, R.(2015): Nitrogen management in a rice/wheat system in the Taihu Region: Recommendations based on field experiments and surveys, Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment; Volume 209, p. 60-73

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