In publica commoda

Telephone Options

There are two kinds of public phones (often indicated with a magenta-colored T). One of them is operated with coins, the other with phone cards (Kartentelefon). For international phone calls you need to dial 00 before the country code. You may use campus phones for free for phone calls within the university. All phone numbers within the university start with 39 followed by an extension of 4 or 5 numbers. Within the university you only need to dial the extension.

Long Distance Calls and International Calls
Currently, there is much competition among different phone companies in Germany. The leading company is Deutsche Telekom which operates most public phones. For both local and long-distance call it is worth checking whether other phone companies provide cheaper rates. For details you should consult the internet (e.g. l where you can find detailed information regarding the German telephone system.

If you use a private phone (i.e. not a public phone operated by Deutsche Telekom), you can take advantage of the call-by-call system. This means that you dial a sequence of 5 numbers (e.g. 01070, 01081), followed by the area code (e.g. 089 for Munich, 030 for Berlin), followed by the phone number. By using the call-by-call system, you can choose your provider for any individual phone call you make. Most call-by-call numbers (e.g. 01081 or 01063) also provide the opportunity for international calls. In this case, the sequence of 5 numbers is followed by the country code (e.g. 0090 for Turkey), the area code, and the phone number. The currently cheapest rates can be found, for example, on

To some countries, pre-paid calling cards (phone cards) allow long-distance-calls at even lower rates than the call-by-call system. Calling cards are available in international telephone shops. For an international call you have to dial the access number of the provider followed by your PIN number (printed on your calling card) and the number of the person you want to call (00+country code+city code+phone number). The prices for international phone calls depend on the provider and the country/city that you intend to call. To find out which International Calling Card is the most suitable for you, contact one of the intermational telephone and internet cafés.
Calling Cards / Phone Cards for public phones or for pre-paid calls are typically sold for either 5 or 10 Euros. Phone cards can be purchased, for example, at post offices (indicated by a yellow sign with a post-horn on it), at Tonollo Pressezentrum (Weender Straße 81), or at various telephone shops.

Cellular (mobile) phones:
For detailed information on mobile phones and to find out which provider best meets your requirements, please consult the various phone shops located, for example, in the city center or in major shopping malls.