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Presseinformation: Excellent achievements plus commitment to teaching, supervising and supporting

Nr. 178 - 08.12.2022

Rishabh Jha at Göttingen University receives DAAD award for outstanding international students


PhD student Rishabh Jha from India has received this year's German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Award for Outstanding International Students. Jha is studying for his doctorate at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Göttingen on the theoretical modelling of unusual metals that defy established theories. The jury recognised his exceptional academic achievements as well as his commitment as a tutor and to supervising international students. The prize consists of €1,000.


Jha moved to Göttingen for a Master's degree in physics in the summer semester of 2020. Despite restrictions due to the pandemic, he completed his studies in the standard time, achieving a grade of 1.0. He has already published three papers, which is an outstanding start to an academic career in physics. "His competence, sharp mind and exceptional motivation are evident in his work, researching at the interface of high-energy physics and condensed matter theory, at the forefront of current research today," says Professor Stefan Kehrein from the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Göttingen.


As a tutor, Jha received excellent evaluations and was extremely popular among students. He also supports the dean's office of his faculty in supervising international students. In his spare time, the physicist is an ambitious chess player who took third place in his group at the 2022 German Rapid Chess Individual Championship.


"The University of Göttingen recognises an excellently qualified international student whose capacity to innovate promises much for his future academic career," says Philipp Jeserich from the International Office at the University of Göttingen. "The esteem in which he is held as a tutor, as well as his commitment to supporting other students in his faculty, also illustrate just how much international students enrich the University as a community of learners, teachers and researchers."


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