Everlin Piccinini (Carlos Barbosa, Brazil)

Master student in Management

Everlin Piccinini

I began my master studies in Göttingen in 2011 and since the first day I felt very much welcome here. The University offers a variety of programmes for international students, in which they have the chance of meeting each other and getting informed about the facilities, activities and language courses available. People at the university are very friendly and whenever I had questions concerning my studies they were always supportive and helpful. I am glad I had the opportunity to study in one of the best universities of Germany and to gain such a great intercultural experience. Although Göttingen is small town, it is somehow very cosmopolitan. Just by walking on the streets you hear people talking in English, Spanish, French, and so on. In a way, it really makes you feel like home. Moreover, there is always something going on here, like student parties, sports and cultural events. So it is quite difficult to get bored. Studying in Göttingen was absolutely a great choice, not only in terms of the university but also concerning this great international atmosphere.

Educational background: Bachelor in International Business Management at the University of Caxias do Sul; Master student in Management at the University of Göttingen