Doing Business in Japan / India / Korea

Due to the rapid growth of Asian countries in the modern economy and intense business ties between Europe and Asia knowledge about Asian business and management has become important.

Qualification aims
These three courses aims at increasing the understanding of Asian business and management. Students will learn about the economic environments, success factors of major Asian companies and how foreign companies and managers can succeed in the selected Asian countries, India, South Korea, and Japan.

Course Type:

Doing Business in Japan
Doing Business in India
Doing Business in Korea

1 SWS per lecture
Exam: Written Exam (90 min)

3 C per lecture
Exam requirements:
Demonstrate knowledge of
doing business in Asia.

Attendance: 14 hours Self-study: 76 hours per lecture
Entrance requirements:
Recommended prerequisites:

Language: English Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese


Doing Business in Japan
will be offered in
Winter Term 2020/2021,

Doing Business in Korea
will be offered in
Summer Term 2021

Term: 0,5 Semester
Max. students:
no limitation
Recommended semester: