Luis Alberto Rodríguez Cabrera (Mexico City, Mexico)

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Luis Alberto Rodríguez Cabrera

I came to Göttingen after having obtained my Abitur at a German school back in Mexico. I had heard so many positive things about this city regarding not only its world-class education, but also the quality of life and uniqueness. Coming from one of the biggest metropolis of the world, Mexico City, I knew that Göttingen was exactly the city I was looking for to start my professional education. A choice I will never regret!

Walking down the streets of the inner city you almost only see students, and that is what I like the most about Göttingen: it is like an never-aging population always filled with youngsters and full of life. Its numerous cultural sites as well as its pubs and nightclubs offer students a time-out from all the studying involved at the university.

Without further ado, I can only invite and recommend you to come to Göttingen for high quality studies and an amazing life experience: enjoy numerous BBQs in the summer, get to know the most kissed girl in the world and enjoy studying or even working at world-renown facilities!

Educational background: Bachelor of Science in Biology