About Göttingen. Göttingen is situated in the geographical center of Germany. The Georg August University Göttingen, founded in 1737, has some 28,000 students who substantially influence life in a town of 130,000 citizens. The university is one of the leading universities in Germany and Europe, and consistently receives high marks in university rankings. More than 40 Nobel prize laureates have lived, studied, researched and taught in Göttingen, which is a center of biological research. The university is an integral part of the city and contributes considerably to the young and lively atmosphere of the town. Most university departments and buildings are within walking or cycling distance of each other.
The friendly and cosmopolitan city of Göttingen with a well-preserved historical center offers a wide spectrum of cultural and sports facilities. It has three theaters, a symphony orchestra and many cinemas, cafés and pubs. The city is set amid a rolling mountain landscape with ample opportunity for outdoor activities and excursions to national parks or picturesque towns nearby.

Guides to Göttingen.For detailed information on life in Göttingen, please see

Costs of Living. For personal expenses (accommodation, food, health insurance, books, etc.) one should calculate an amount of approximately 900-1000 EUR per month.

Accommodation. The International Office of Göttingen University offers, in collaboration with the Studentenwerk (Student Services) support for students who search for accommodation.

Many of the international students live in residence halls. The residence halls have single rooms in smaller or larger living units (kitchen and bathrooms shared), as well as single apartments, apartments for couples and for groups. Family housing is available for students with children. Most doctoral students find a suitable apartment on the private accommodation market. An overview on available apartments for rent is provided by local newspapers, property agents, or real estate agents as well as on internet webpages such as Studenten-WG (in German only). Detailed information about how to find a place to live is provided in the "Guide to the University and Daily Life in Göttingen" and by the online Guide to Göttingen (GöGuide) (see above).