International Biologie

Incomings - From abroad to Göttingen

Welcome at the Faculty of Biology!

In order to study at University of Göttingen at Faculty of Biology as an exchange student (e.g. Erasmus+, Global Exchange Programme), you must first apply for the exchange programme at your home university and need to be selected/nominated through your university. Please get informed first at your home university whether there is a cooperation with the University of Göttingen, Faculty of Biology and Psychology. Further information are given at the International Office of Göttingen.

I. Most of our Bachelor courses are held in German only. We recommend German knowledge of level B2 (no proof necessary).

II. Few courses at Bachelor level are offered in English. We recommend English knowledge of level B2 (no proof necessary).

III. All Master courses are held in English. Hence, we ask for an English language certificate level C1. Latest by arrival in Göttingen you must hand in this language proof to our Biology Erasmus Office.

IV. Students performing an individual laboratory project should have knowledge of both German (level B1, no proof necessary) and English (level B2, no proof necessary). Despite most people in lab will be able to communicate in English, for everyday life some knowledge of German is strongly recommended.

Academic calender of the University of Göttingen

Official application deadline (at University of Göttingen):

  • 1st of June for winter term or full academic year
  • 1st of December for summer term

Please note: Also the Online registration and the Learning Agreement have to be filled in prior to this date!

Nomination deadline (at Faculty of Biology Göttingen for Erasmus+ exchange):

  • 1st of March - 30th of April for winter term or full academic year
  • 1st of March - 31st of October for summer term

Create your study plan

After your online registration at the University of Göttingen, you should prepare your study plan. In the Guide for exchange students of biology (pdf) several instructions can be found on courses and the option taking a laboratory project. The courses available are listed below. After you set up your study plan and timetable, please share it with us via to avoid misconceptions. We would like to ask you to always indicate the module numbers (e.g. and the name of the module you are interested in. We will inform you whether your plan is suitable, or will give you other suggestions.

Send us your transcript of records and language certificates

Together with your study plan, please send us your Transcript of Records (for Bachelor and if applicable Master courses) as we wish to know if you meet the level of knowledge required for some courses.

Fill in your learning agreement (LA)

As soon as we agreed on your study plan, you could fill in your learning agreement (LA). Erasmus+ students please use the forms provided by your home university. Non-Erasmus+ students could use the Learning Agreement for non-Erasmus+ students (pdf).

Read the courses we offer for exchange students

Courses at Bachelor level held in German (pdf)

Courses at Bachelor level held in English (pdf)

Courses at Master level held in English (pdf)

German language courses at the University

German grading system

Several steps need to be done to apply for exchange studies at the University of Göttingen. All information concerning the application can be found at Application in 8 Steps. Please note: Also the Online registration and the Learning Agreement have to be filled in until the indicated deadlines!

You will be contacted by us after your online registration is sent to

Outgoings - Going abroad from Göttingen

With the EU programme Erasmus+ you can study on partner universities in throughout Europe. A bilateral agreement on faculty level between the Faculty of Biology and Psychology and a faculty at the respective partner university ensures subject-specific courses. An overview of our partner universities can be found under Partner universities Biology. The study exchange is possible for one or two semesters.

Erasmus+ includes...

  • Assistance with necessary formalities
  • No tuition fees at the partner university
  • Financial support to cover travel expenses
  • Subject-specific support at the host university
  • Recognition of course credits from abroad

Further information:

Information about the Erasmus+ programme for students of Psychology can be found on the website of Psychology.

The Global Exchange Programme offers the opportunity to spend a semester/a year at partner universities of our Göttingen University worldwide. Since these contracts are not faculty-specific, it is possible, that some partner universities do not offer any courses in the field of biology/psychology, but you have the opportunity to widen your horizon and take courses outside your study programme at home. We cannot answer in details your study options abroad at the partner university. You need to get information directly at the corresponding university. In addition to your own investigation, the team at Göttingen International offers a counselling service for interested students, which we strongly recommended before application!

The Global Exchange Programme offers:

  • No tuition fees at the partner university
  • Administrative help for the application in Göttingen
  • Support at the partner university

Application - good to know:

  • How many universities: We recommend applying to several universities, as not all successful applications will get their first choice.
  • Motivation letter: Give information to all selected universities in your motivation letter.
  • Certificates: Hand in proofs of your language knowledge, additional preparations and social and socio-political commitment.
  • Further information (especially on the selection criteria): Go to our event "Go abroad".
Application deadlines:

  • 1st of December (for winter semester in the following year)
  • 1st of June (for summer semester in the following year)

Detailed information can be found under Global exchange programme
Field Reports:

The liveSciences3project offers funding for stays abroad of master students at the project’s partner universities:

  • University of Rennes 1 (France)
  • Free University Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • University of Talca (Chile)
  • Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Costa Rica)

The funding (liveSciences³ Mobility Grant) covers a travel and accommodarion allowance for up to six months. More information about prerequisits and application can be found on the project’s website.