Survey Research

This seminar provides an overview of the whole process of a survey research project, including survey design, implementation, and statistical analyses. Students will learn theoretical foundations as well as practical application of statistical methods, which provide them the knowledge to conduct and analyze survey results by using statistical software, such as SPSS and AMOS.

Qualifications aims:
The seminar should prepare students to conduct empirical research projects, e.g. as part of a master thesis, according to scientific standards.


  • Please note: The application deadline for the seminar in WS22/23 is 15.10.2022.
  • Please email ni.liu[at] to apply for the seminar

Course type:

Presentation (approx. 20 min.): 20%
Seminar Paper (5000-8000 words): 80%

6 C
Exam requirements:
To pass the course, students have to
write a seminar paper and give a final presentation.
They have to demonstrate that they are able to
systematically apply their knowledge of survey research methods.   
Attendance: 28 hours
Self-study: 152 hours

Entrance requirements:

Recommended prerequisites:
Basic statistical knowledge
Language: English Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese
Cycle: Every winter semester

Term: 1 Semester
Max. students:
Recommended semester: