Neurowissenschaften / Neurobiologie

Faculty of Biology and Psychology
Prof. André Fiala Molecular Neurobiology of BehaviorNeuronal mechanisms of learning and memory, olfactory processing, neuronal circuit dissectionDrosophila melanogasterBehavioral analysis, neurogenetics, functional optical imaging, immunhistochemistry, neuroanatomy, optogenetics, molecular biology
Dr. Bart GeurtenCellular Neurobiologysensory strategies in vision, thermoreception, audition and mechanosensationDrosophila melanogaster, Calliphora vicina, Eristalis tenaxneuroethology: video analysis, learning tests, complex task scenarios neurophysiology: intra- / extracellular recordings, modelling: Python or Matlab
Prof. Dr. Martin Göpfert Cellular NeurobiologyCellular signal transductionDrosophilaTransgenic models, electrophysiology, laser vibrometry, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, behaviour
Prof. Dr. Ralf Heinrich Cellular NeurobiologyInsect behavior; Action selection; Acoustic communication; Erythropoietin in neuroprotection and regeneration Locusts, Grasshoppers, DrosophilaCell culture, Neuropharmacology, Immunocytochemistry, Behaviour
Prof. Dr. S. LöwelSystems NeuroscienceNeuronal plasticity during learning, aging and after lesionsmouse, zebra finch, dunnart, agoutiin vivo optical imaging of intrinsic signals, mouse behaviour, learning tests, electrophysiology, neuronal tracing, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, in vivo 2-photon Calcium imaging
Prof. Burkhard MorgensternBioinformaticsAlgorithms and software for sequence, network and phylogeny, analysis, machine learningN.A.Programming under UNIX/LINUX
Prof. Dr. Andreas StumpnerCellular NeurobiologyInsect acoustic communication, auditory processingBushcrickets, crickets, grasshoppersExtracellular and intracellular recording, neuroanatomy, confocal microscopy, behaviour
Medical Faculty
PD Dr. Peter DechentDept of Cognitive NeurologyCombination of neuroimaging with non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to modulate functional brain networks in healthy and pathologic conditions. Characterization of hemodynamic processes, the basis of standard fMRI investigations. Application of modern MR techniques to investigate the human brain in healthy and pathologic conditions.HumanMagnetic Resonance (MR) techniques - structural MR Imaging (MRI) - functional MR Imaging (fMRI) - Diffusion-weighted and -tensor MR Imaging (DWI/ DTI) - MR Spectroscopy (MRS) Non-invasive transcranial stimulation - transcranial Direct/ Alternating Current Stimulation (tDCS/ tACS) - transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Prof. Dr. Ralf DresselDept of Cellular and Molecular ImmunolgyImmunogenetics, Cellular Cytotoxicity, Transplantation, Tumor Immunology, Autoimmunity, Stem CellsHuman, Mouse, RatMolecular Biology, Cellular Immunology, Animal Models
Prof. Dr. Andre FischerMedical faculty and ENI, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, German Center for Neurodegenerative DiseasesEpigenetic mechansims in learning and memory processes, neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseasesmouse, humanHistone-modifications, non-coding RNA, DNA-methylation, gene-expression networks, mosue behavior, next generation sequencing
Prof. Dieter KubeMedical FacultyExperimental Oncology and Lymphocyte BiologyHuman cell culturelymphatic cells, signaling pathways, profiling, immunogenetics, cell migration and invasion, angiogenesis
Dr. Sebastian KüglerMedical faculty, Dept. of NeurologyNeurodegenerative diseasesMice, ratsViral vectors, Intravital microscopy
Dr. Muriel LizéMedical faculty , Molecular Oncology Lung biology, molecular mechanism of lung diseasesmouse and human cell culture (human and mouse; stem cells versus differentiated cells), mouse work, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry
PD Dr. Fred LühderDepartment of Neuroimmunology, Institute for Multiple sclerosis Researchautoimmunity, T cell biologymicetransgenic and knock-out mice, FACS, EAE, RT-PCR
Prof. Dr. Silvio RizzoliENI, Neuro- and Sensory PhysiologySynaptic neuroscience, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, probe developmentMouse, frog, fish, Drosophila, C. elegans, chicken, rat, cricket, locust, cell cultures, and much morefluorescence microscopy, STED, quantitative protein biochemistry, advanced probe development
Prof. Dr. Detlev SchildInst.. for Neurophysiology and Cellular BiophysicsOlfaction, synaptic transmission, microscopyXenopus laevispatch clamp, advanced microscopy
Prof. Dr. Jens SchmidtClinic for NeurologyMuscle ImmunobiologyMuscle cells; mice.qPCR, immunocytochemistry, western blot, fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometry, ELISA, muscle cell culture.
Dr. Carolin WichmannDept. of Otolaryngology/ InnerEarLab/ Molecular architecture of synapsesSensory Neuroscience, molecular AnatomyMouse, Drosophilastructure and function analysis of synapses, transmission electron microscopy, high-pressure-freezing, electron-tomography, labeling techniques
German Primate Center (DPZ)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail Sensorimotor Group, Cognitive Neuroscience LaboratoryFrontoparietal Cortex, Sensorimotor, Brain-Machine InterfacesRhesus monkey, Humansingle cell neurophysiology, psychophysics, multi-channel recordings
Prof. Hans ScherbergerPrimate NeurobiologyNeurophysiology of hand grasping movementsNon-human Primateselectrophysiology, single neuron and population activity recording, modelling
Prof. Stefan TreueCognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Sensory information processing in cortex; physiological and perceptual mechanismsRhesus Monkeys; Humanscortical neurophysiology, psychophysics, computational neuroscience, functional brain imaging, optogenetics
Max Planck Institutes
Prof. Dr. Nils BroseMPI of Experimental Medicine, Department of Molecular NeurobiologyMolecular and cellular neurobiology, synaptogenesis, synapse function, neuropsychiatric diseases Mus musculusBiochemistry, molecular biology, light and electron microscopy, electrophysiology, mouse genetics
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hannelore EhrenreichMPI of Experimental, Medicine, Clinical NeuroscienceResearch, Translational Neuroscience from mouse to man, neuroprotection, neuroregeneration, brain erythropoietin system, mouse, behavior, in particular higher cognition and social behaviorMouse, humanMouse behavior battery, cell culture, Western blot, PCR, molecular biological techniques, imaging, microscopic techniques etc.
Prof. Dr. Reinhard JahnMPI for Biophysical ChemistryMolecular mechanisms of neuronal exocytosis and membrane fusion, structure and function of synaptic membrane protein complexesrat, mouseprotein chemistry, structural characterization of proteins, subcellular fractionation, immunochemistry, fluorescence-based techniques
Dr. Markus SchwabMPI of Experimental Medicine, Neurogenetics cortical network development, schizophreniaMouseMolecular Biology, development of transgenic mouse models
Dr. Hauke WernerMPI of Experimental Medicine, Neurogenetics MyelinMouseTransgenic models, electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, neurochemistry

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Stumpner
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