Development Economics Conference - Göttinger Schule

On June 23rd and 24th, more than 150 development economists from all over the world gathered in Göttingen to celebrate the 50th birthday of Stephan Klasen. The celebration took place in Pauliner Church in form of a two-day conference covering a broad range of topics in development economics such as gender, education and agriculture. All of Klasen's former and current PhD students, and many collaborators and friends were invited to participate.

Amartya Sen, Harvard professor, Nobel prize winner and doctoral supervisor of Stephan Klasen joined the conference for a question and answer session with more than a hundred development economics students from the University of Göttingen and as a key note speaker at the birthday celebration in the historical building of Pauliner Church in the evening. He honored Stephan Klasen's contribution in particular on gender inequality and called him "the leading expert on missing women" and a "brilliant mind".

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