Anaphora Resolution in Sign and Spoken Languages - Theoretical and Experimental Dimensions (ARISAS)

Location: University of Göttingen, Germany

Date: February 20-21, 2017

Linguistic fields: Syntax, (Experimental) Semantics, (Experimental) Pragmatics, Information Structure, Discourse Structure, Theoretical Linguistics, Experimental Sign Language Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics.

Invited Speakers:
Petra Schumacher (University of Cologne, Germany),
Emar Maier (University of Groningen, Netherlands )

Meeting description:
One important aspect in spoken, written and signed discourse is the proper management and interpretation of discourse referents. Consequently, the resolution of co-reference has been one of the most investigated and at the same time most challenging topics in linguistic research on spoken languages. Anaphora resolution has been addressed from various perspectives such as formal and functional linguistics, psycholinguistics as well as corpus and computational linguistics. By contrast, research on anaphora resolution in sign languages is still relatively new and scarce compared to the amount of studies on spoken languages. This workshop combines theoretical approaches with typological and experimental ones in order to yield a better understanding of anaphoric relations across languages and language modalities.

Workshop organizers: Anne Wienholz, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Annika Herrmann, Nivedita Mani, Edgar Onea, Markus Steinbach

Contact: Derya Nuhbalaoglu