Forschungsinteressen und Projekte

Research Interests

  • Political geography
    - relations between ethics and politics
    - authority, informal sovereigns, and legitimacy
    - local politics, patronage, and brokerage
    - social movements and collective action
    - territorial conflicts and demands for autonomy
    - geographical imaginations

  • Development studies
    - Livelihoods and vulnerability
    - Development assistance
    - Development and "ethical" trade

Earlier research projects

  • Research grant under the Indo-Swiss Joint Research Programme in the Social Sciences for the project “A moral economy of labour? Tea cooperatives in the eastern Himalayan and sub-Himalayan Bengal tea zone”, together with Dr. Swatahsiddha Sarkar (North Bengal University). (8/2016-7/2017)

  • "Monopolising a statehood movement. Gorkhaland between authoritarian parties and 'aware citizens'". PhD thesis supervised by Prof. Mueller-Boeker, Dr. Urs Geiser, and Prof. Shalini Randeria at Zurich University (9/2010 ? 10/2015).

  • "The developmental impact of WFP interventions". Internal desk study conducted during an internship with the GTZ (German technical cooperation, now GIZ), Berlin (3/2010-7/2010).

  • "Action in food crisis. The influence of food aid on local livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Mugu". Master thesis supervised by Prof. Dr. Bohle at Bonn University (7/2009-3/2010).

  • "A sub-regional hunger index for Nepal". Desk study conducted during an internship with the WFP, Nepal, Kathmandu (together with Siemon Hollema) (1/2009-2/2009).

  • "Small-scale food production in Ethiopia. Review of policies related to adaptation to climate change". Desk study supervised by Dr. Chinwe Ifejika Speranza during an internship with the German Development Institute, Bonn (8/2008-10/2008).

  • "Dimensions of women's discrimination and implications for health and education in Taatapaani VDC, Surkhet/Nepal". Study for the "Dalit Welfare Organisation" Kathmandu (11/2006-1/2007).