Dr. Isa Marques

Spatial Statistics; Bayesian Statistics; Computational Statistics; Environmental and Ecological Sciences.

Short CV

  • 03.2021: Ph.D. Applied Statistics (University Göttingen)
  • 09.2017: M.Sc. Economics (University Bonn)


  • Marques, Isa, Paul Wiemann, and Thomas Kneib. "A variance partitioning multi-level model for forest inventory data with a fixed plot design." Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics (accepted).
  • Marques, Isa, Thomas Kneib, and Nadja Klein. "A non-stationary model for spatially dependent circular response data based on wrapped Gaussian processes." Statistics and Computing 32 (73) (2022).
  • Marques, Isa, Thomas Kneib, and Nadja Klein. "Mitigating Spatial Confounding by Explicitly Correlating Gaussian Random Fields." Environmetrics (2022): e2727.
  • Ieva Bebre, Isa Marques, and Peter Annighoefer. "Biomass allocation and leaf morphology of recently planted seedlings growing under various conditions of light availability and competition types." Plants 11(3) (2022): 305.
  • Marques, Isa, and Thomas Kneib. Discussion on "Spatial+: a novel approach to spatial confounding" by Dupont, E., Wood, S.N., and Augustin, N.H.
    Biometrics (2021).
  • Marques, Isa, Nadja Klein, Thomas Kneib. "Non-stationary spatial regression for modelling monthly precipitation in Germany." Spatial Statistics 40 (2020): 100386.