Alejandro Pereira

Research associate at RTG 2300: Enrichment of European beech forests with conifers - impacts of functional traits on ecosystem functioning
RTG 2300:Enrico

PhD Research Project
Semiparametric regression analysis is a fundamental statistical tool for determining how a measured variable is related to one or more potential explanatory variables. However, these methods assume that the data lies in a flat plane.
The aim of this project is to extend the semiparametric regression to include the case when our variables take values on nonlinear manifold.
We further explore Bayesian estimation procedures, manifold splines, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. And apply these methods in the context of ecological and forestry data.

Research interests

  • Computational Statistics

  • Bayesian Statistics

  • Semiparametric models

  • Statistics on Manifolds