Dr. Lisa Rogge

Former Doctoral Student
RTG1723 Globalization and Development

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Ongoing research:

  • Health Insurance Reform in Indonesia: Implications for Health Facility Usage and Health Expenditure, with Sebastian Vollmer

  • Did you know? The Effect of SMS Reminders on Health Screening Uptake in Indonesia. Joint work with Anna Reuter, Maja Marcus, and Sebastian Vollmer pre-registered.

  • The Effect of a Mobile Phone-based Information Intervention on the Usage of Free Health Insurance in Pakistan. Joint work with with Andreas Landmann and Sebastian Vollmer.

  • Noncommunicable Disease Perceptions in the Elderly of Aceh, Indonesia. Joint work with Farah Diba and Marthoenis from Syiah Kuala University as well as Anna Reuter, Maja Marcus, and Sebastian Vollmer.