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Welcome to our website! We are the development economics research group at the Centre for Modern Indian studies under the lead of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer. We study the linkages between health, education and poverty in low- and middle-income countries, in diverse collaborations with local governments, non-government organizations and other academic institutions. Furthermore, we support research projects as external evaluators and provide decision makers with policy advice based on our research. Our team’s background comprises a diverse range of key competencies and research foci. Find out more about our team, research or teaching.

Kommentar von Prof. Vollmer in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In his recent commentary Sebastian Vollmer discusses the issue of compulsory coronavirus vaccination and the extent to which the state should intervene in the pandemic. He also points to the global dimension of the pandemic and argues that we will only overcome the pandemic with global solidarity.

Free pdf or link to article on FAZ website (both in German):

The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries

Leander Heldring, James A. Robinson and Sebastian Vollmer use the impact of the Dissolution of the English monasteries in 1535 to test the commercialization hypothesis about the roots of long-run English economic development. They find that parishes impacted by the Dissolution subsequently experienced a ‘rise of the Gentry’, had higher innovation and yields in agriculture, a greater share of the population working outside of agriculture, and ultimately higher levels of industrialization.

Read the full paper: