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Benefits and Activities

In support of the formation of a GAUSS-wide alumni network, we are offering a wide range of activities where we actively include our alumni and you as a current or former GAUSS/GGNB PhD student can benefit from. Alumni associations worldwide offer professional networks, where just recently graduated members can connect with senior graduates and benefit from their experience as well as connections inside and outside of academia.

These benefits are also available to GAUSS/GGNB graduates by participating in one of our career relevant activities, where our alumni actively engage in:

  • Career Impulse Sessions (learn more about career paths of your peers when they are a couple of years in their jobs)
  • Career Fairs (take part in these events as for example at the Horizons Symposium)
  • Industry Excursions and Company Visits (take part or host an on-site visit to get a first glimpse at what working at a specific company looks like)

Across GAUSS there are also various events where you can meet and connect with alumni from various backgrounds and where – as an alumna/us – you can share your experience with current doctorates and research staff, meeting again with your former peers:

In addition to our activities and events where you can catch up in person or via online platforms, there is also a variety of magazines and newsletters regularly featuring our GAUSS alumni reporting about their experiences as PhD students, their versatile career paths and current jobs:

Alumni Mentoring Program (GGNB only)

Offering a new level of support to our PhD students we introduced an Alumni Mentoring Program in 2020. After very successful three pilot rounds with only two doctoral programs (IMPRS for Molecular Biology & IMPRS for Neuroscience) we will open it up to the entire GGNB for the next call in 2023. Check out the current Program Leaflet to learn more about this exciting opportunity!