GAUSS Network

Since the foundation of GAUSS in 2005 over 4,000 PhD students graduated in the natural and life sciences in Göttingen and each year further about 300 are finishing their doctorate. These alumni are pursuing a variety of different careers all over the world. Our aim and ambition is to build a GAUSS Alumni Network of dedicated graduates committed to share their experience and to stay in touch with their former peers and other like-minded GAUSS PhD alumni.

We are taking different steps to achieve this ambitious goal. One of the first was to create a database of all our alumni where you can search for your peers by program, institution or name. Check out the GAUSS alumni.

Another future step towards a GAUSS Alumni Community will be building on the very successful GGNB Alumni Portal established in 2018. This platform offers search functions to explore various career paths and facilitate networking activities among all GGNB alumni, who can update their own profile (e.g., position, employer, place, contact). If you are a GGNB alumnus/alumna but don’t have access to the portal yet, please contact us via email ( and we will help you.

Until such an alumni community has been established GAUSS-wide, we encourage everybody who is interested in pariticipating in an alumni network to check if they could join one of the groups available at their former faculties or institutions.
For a list of potentially relevant networks available on the Göttingen Campus, please click on the links below in order to see further details and how to join the respective alumni networks.

Alumni Göttingen e.V.
This network is open to all former students (including PhDs) of the University of Göttingen and structured into so-called "Chapters", which align with the respective faculties. Check out what your specific Chapter is already offering concerning Alumni engagement or become an active part in building it.

This chapter is currently built by a group of alumni of this faculty and they are specifically inviting anybody who wants be part of forming this network to join them. Just send them an email (for contact details see webpage link below) and be involved in brainstorming what drives them and what projects they want to get going.

The Faculty of Chemistry is happy to stay in touch with its alumni. You will certainly keep in touch with your old working group anyway, but perhaps membership in the university's alumni association is also something you might like. There is a section for chemistry alumni, which is currently being established and a chemistry program on the Alumni Day as well as other activities, which are in preparation. The faculty is also looking forward to your ideas and wishes! If you have any questions, please contact the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Chemistry or the Alumni Association.

Are you an alumnus/alumna of the Faculty of Geosciences and Geography, want to catch up with your former peers and build a network with shared ideas or projects you want to get going? Then contact the Alumni Network Manager (for contact details see webpage link below) and become an active part in shaping and establishing an alumni network of your faculty!

Join this active Alumni Chapter with over 150 previous students, research and teaching staff focusing on personal exchange. Since 2012, the network has been hosting Silver and Golden Diploma and Doctoral Anniversaries, each time as part of the network's general meeting. They are also supporting outstanding mathematics students by endowing a German scholarship.
They are aiming to maintain contact with all former and active faculty members. By receiving their Alumni Newsletter, you can keep your finger on the pulse of science. At the regular mathematics career afternoons, alumni regularly present the wide range of career opportunities supporting the career entry of today's students. They are also exploring further ideas to establish new events.
As a member of this Chapter you benefit from networking with graduates of mathematics and computer science in Göttingen, gaining insight into the organization as well as the current state of research and teaching at the faculty, thus also getting impulses for your professional and personal development. Furthermore you can also actively participate in the alumni work and support the faculty and its students in many ways.

AG_Sektionen_farbig_Mathe_Informatik - Kopie
This chapter is currently being established by a group of alumni led by Dr. Johannes Loxen. They already have exciting events planned including career events (“interview series”) or the “Physikertisch” – a roundtable for alumni on the evening prior to the Alumni Day in July.
The group is specifically inviting anybody who wants to be part of forming this network to join them. Just send them an email (for contact details see webpage link below) and be involved in brainstorming what drives them and what projects they want to get going and how they can extend their current events and program.

UMG Alumni
The UMG's core goal is to stay in touch with their alumni. Through a regular newsletter and various events such as "Meet the Doc", you can continue to keep in touch with the UMG.

Alumni Göttingen - Chapter Medicine
Join this active Chapter and network with the graduates of the Medical Faculty, receive impulses for your professional and personal development, gain insights into the organization, current state of research and teaching at the faculty, and help shape the alumni work and thus the connection between the faculty and its graduates.
Become part of the network by registering below and if you have ideas for networking activities or if you are keen to actively help shaping the Chapter Medicine, send them an email (see contact details below) and join the initiator group.

Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences
(including the former MPI for Biophysical Chemistry and MPI for Experimental Medicine)
Have you worked at the current or one of these former institutes in the past? Then join their alumni network and receive the alumni newsletter, which reports on current research, events and activities at the institute. You can also participate in special alumni days with scientific lectures and a full social programme allowing participants to meet colleagues, share experiences and forge ties that may lead to new collaborations. The alumni network will help not only to maintain contact with former colleagues, but also to forge new links with current institute members, thus supporting an active and beneficial exchange for all.

  • Target group: All alumni of the Max Planck Institute of Multidisciplinary Sciences as well as the former institutes MPI for Biophysical Chemistry and MPI for Experimental Medicine
  • Webpage:

Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
If you are a former member of the IMPRS for Solar System Science then join the active alumni network and take part in their events and activities. How to become a member and further information on the network of this MPI see the webpage link below.

Alumni MPS

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Currently this MPI has no alumni network but stay tuned - there might be something in the future.

Max Planck Alumni Association
The MPAA is a non-profit organization developing and sustaining a world-wide community of alumni and alumnae of the Max Planck Society. The association is a highly international, modern and active community promoting and supporting innovative thinking, knowledge and experience exchange, and is the largest alumni organization for a non-university research institution. Their mission is to facilitate its members to stay in contact, foster free access to knowledge, promote science communication to the public, favour interdisciplinary exchange, provide its members with services, and support them in the transition between academia and the job market. For further information and how to become a member see link below.

Currently neither the DPZ nor the Leibniz Association have an Alumni Network.