RTG2070_FBrugger2017 Franziska Brugger
PhD topic: "Cognitive foundations of children's developing selective trust and trait reasoning"
RTG_FdalPesco_Profil_klein Federica Dal Pesco
PhD topic: "Dynamics and fitness benefits of male-male social bonds in wild Guinea baboons (Papio papio)"
RTG_DdeMoor_Profil_klein Delphine De Moor
PhD topic: "Paternal and maternal kin biases in the social behavior of male and female wild Assamese macaques"
Ronja_Demel_Klein Ronja Demel
PhD topic: "The role of emotion in moral judgments: Behavioral and electro-physiological evidence"
RTG2070_Driebe Julie Driebe
PhD topic: "Predictive Validity and Change of Partner Preferences: A Longitudinal Investigation"
RTG AEbenau_Profil_klein Anja Ebenau
PhD topic: "Interaction of personality and social relationships in wild male Assamese macaques"
RTG_SEiteljörge_Profil_klein Sarah Eiteljörge
PhD topic: "Cross-domain influences of early word and action learning"
RTG LFaraut_Profil Lauriane Faraut
PhD topic: "Social monitoring in a multi-level primate society"
RTG_DGutleb_Profil_klein Daria Gutleb
PhD topic: "Integrating behavior, hormones & genes associated with the primate HPA-Axis"
RTG_WHammerschmidt_Profil_klein Wiebke Hammerschmidt PhD topic: "Dissociating biological and associated salience in human faces"
RTG JJünger_Profil Julia Jünger
PhD topic: "Hormones, personality and social signalling"
RTG ALausen_Profil Adi Lausen
PhD topic: "Emotion communication: neurocognitive mechanisms and inter-individual differences"
RTG NMiosga-profil Nadja Miosga
PhD topic: "Selective advice taking in children"
RTG DMontanari_Profil Davide Montanari
PhD topic: "Group Coordination in Guinea Baboons"
RTG_NOktayGür_Profil_klein Nese Oktay-Gür PhD topic: "Theory of Mind development in children"
RTG 2070_Rehana Rehana Omardeen
PhD topic: "The development of communicative signals in sign languages and gesture"
RTG VRadtke_Profil Vivien Outters (née Radtke) PhD topic: "Infant-driven learning from different kinds of social signals"
RTG SPlaci_Profil Sarah Placì
PhD topic: "Statistical learning and social inferences in human children and nonhuman primates"
RTG JPrüfer_Profil Johanna Prüfer
PhD topic: "Emergence of leadership"
RTG_eRathke_Profil_klein Eva-Maria Rathke
PhD topic: "Determinants of cognititve performance and social preferences across age in Barbary macaques"
RTG ARincon_Profil Alan Rincon
PhD topic: "The quality of affiliative relationships and endogenous oxytocin in Barbary macaques"
RTG 2070 Rittich Jacob Rittich
PhD topic: "Accuracy awareness as a means for improving judgment quality in social contexts"
RTG 2070 Rollwage Johannes Rollwage
PhD topic: "Emergence of leadership: Predicting leadership initiative and followership from individual traits and behavioral styles "
RTG 2070 Schleifenbaum Lara Schleifenbaum
PhD topic: "Hormone-linked shifts in female motivational priorities and empathic accuracy in romantic couples"
RTG BSchmid_Profil Benjamin Schmid
PhD topic: "Learning from reliable and unreliable speakers"
RTG2070_Schünemann Britta Schünemann
PhD topic: "Children’s Subjective Understanding of Conative Mental States"
RTG_AWeinsdörfer_Profil_klein Anika Weinsdörfer
PhD topic: "A cross-cultural developmental investigation of inter-group biases in the conceptualization of others"
RTG_AWienholz_Profil_klein Anne Wienholz
PhD topic: "Discourse Referents in German Sign Language from an experimental perspective"