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Career Modules

These Career Modules are part of an E-learning programme providing university students with extra support in their career development. Topics discussed in the online modules range from self-understanding and personal branding to topics like job search, CV building and thriving in the workplace. Being based on a modular structure allows combining the content according to your individual needs following the next step on your career path.

How it works

  1. Decide about your next step and choose one of the modules described below
  2. Visit Career Modules and select the chosen module
  3. Create a new account or log in directly
  4. Start the module and the individual processing of the task:
    • Each module is a self-steering lesson
    • Each module will take 60 - 180 min
    • Each module offers an activity book for downloading proposing self-reflection tasks
    • At the end of each module you can self-assess your own learning level

  5. For reflecting the process or further questions and consultation, please contact the team of the Career Service!

The following modules are particularly interesting for your individual career development:

Self Understanding I

Module content:

  • Developing a basic profile of your career skills and interests
  • Identifying your personal style and career influences
  • How to begin setting personal goals

Self Understanding II

Module content:

  • Identifying your career interests based on Holland's six vocational interests
  • Evaluating your skill set of work-content skills, transversal and self-management skills

Self Understanding III

Module content:

  • How to manage your transition out of university to working in your career choice
  • Recognizing your value system, your personal attributes and interaction styles
  • Clarifying your support network

Seeking work placement opportunities

Module content:

  • How to get a work experience placement
  • How to use your networks to explore opportunities

Career decision making

Module content:

  • Identifying potential career paths and alternatives
  • How to make a decision on the best option
  • Understanding your personal desicion making style and getting to know desicion making tools
  • Developing an action plan

Seeking Job Opportunities

Module content:

  • Identifying graduate employment vacancies in a variety of print and online sources
  • How to use proactive jobsearch strategies to source opportunities in the "hidden job market"
  • Taking appropriate action to maximise your chances of finding graduate employment

Resume and Motivation Letters

Module content:

  • Creating an outstanding Cover Letter and Resume Application to help you gain graduate employment
  • Your Personal Transversal Skills and how to relate them to the industry to which you are applying

Interviews and recruitment testing

Module content:

  • Interview preparation
  • How to respond to a range of interview questions
  • Assessment centres and psychometric testing

Branding Myself

Module content:

  • The importance of Self Marketing
  • How to conduct you own skills audit
  • The 9 P's steps to developing your own brand

Thriving in the workplace

Module content:

  • How to prepare for the first days
  • Some strategies how to make a good impression

Business Culture and Work Ethics

Module content:

  • What is important to do your first day of work
  • Attitude toward work
  • Appreciable and appreciated behaviours in the workplace

Problem solving and Negotiation Techniques

Module content:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Abilities for solving problems