Senior Research Fellow

My research interest has covered the broad range of water engineering and management, water footprint - water productivity, precision irrigation, and agronomy using field-based and modelling approaches, and application of remote sensing & GIS in both urban greenery and agricultural farmlands. I was fortunate to work in academia and industry as research scientist and consultant in different geographical and climate settings including Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, USA, Japan, Malaysia, China, and Iran.

Current projects


  • Editorial Board of PLOS ONE
  • Guest editor of Remote Sensing (Special Issue "Remote Sensing Applications in Urban Greenery and Water Management")
  • Guest editor of Agronomy (Special Issue "Water Footprint of Crop Productions")

  • Selected publication

    Karandish, F., Nouri, H., Brugnach, H. Agro-economic and socio-environmental assessments of food and virtual water trades of Iran, Scientific Reports 11, 15022 (2021).

    Vulova, S., Meier, F., Rocha, A.D., Quanz, J., Nouri, H., Kleinsmith, B. Modeling urban evapotranspiration using remote sensing, flux footprints, and artificial intelligence, Science of The Total Environment, 2021.

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    Nouri, H., Beecham, S., Kazemi, F., and Hassanli, A. M. A review of ET measurement techniques for estimating the water requirements of urban landscape vegetation, Urban Water, 2013, 10(4), 247–259 (This was selected by the journal editors as one of the top 10 best research papers in the last 10 years)

    Nouri, H., Beecham, S., Kazemi, F. and Hassanli, A. Water requirements of urban landscape plants: a comparison of three factor-based approaches, Ecological Engineering, Elsevier, 2013, 57, 276-284

    Teaching experience

    Course coordinator, Open University Australia, (2015-2016);
    Introduction to Water Engineering (Hydraulics)

    E-tutor, Open University Australia (2013-present);
    Introduction to Water Engineering, Essential mathematic1; Algebra and Trigonometry, Essential mathematics 2; Calculus

    Tutor, University of South Australia (2011-2015);
    Hydraulics, Engineering Design and Innovation, Maps and Coordinate Systems, Remote Sensing of Environment

    Evaluator of online courses, Open University Australia (2013);
    Engineering Dynamics, Electricity and Electronics, Road Design and Traffic Management

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