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360° Leadership

Based on state-of-the-art knowledge of success factors for (female) scientists in academia, the goal of this workshop is to facilitate participants’ individual development. The workshop will focus on how women can lead others as well as influence peers and supervisors. Specifically, the workshop will touch upon communication, leadership instruments, and resolving conflict. In addition, we will look into what type of leadership style each participant prefers and how she can strengthen positive leadership behaviors. A particular focus will be on the „Sandwich“-position that is typical for a junior (PhD, postdoctoral) researcher. The overall aim of the workshop will be empowering participants for leadership.
The majority of the workshop will be filled with exercises. All exercises focus on the academic context.

Trainer: Dr. Tanja Hentschel
Dr. Tanja Hentschel is Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. Before, she worked as a Research Associate at Technical University of Munich. In her dissertation she worked on Gender Stereotypes About Others and Self – Composition and Consequences for Female Leaders.

Language: English
Number of participants: 12-14