LIPIT Program Office

Andriy Ilyuk (academic coordination)
Katharina Drescher (general management)
Heike Mietzke (administration)
Ronja Mo Drews (admissions)
Gaurav Sharma (organizational and technical support)
Gülce Şengönül (organizational and technical support)
Yuying Wang (organizational and technical support)

For all questions regarding the admission, please write to

For any other questions about the LIPIT Program, please send your emails to

Postal address:
LIPIT Program Office, Faculty of Law, Göttingen University
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 6, 37073 Göttingen, GERMANY

Program Director

Professor Andreas Wiebe

Tel.: 055139-27381, from abroad: +49-55139-27381
Fax: 055139-24437, from abroad: +49-55139-24437

Academic Board

Professor Gerald Spindler
Professor Peter-Tobias Stoll
Professor Andreas Wiebe