Nutritional Economics:Theory and Applications


Prof. Xiaohua Yu (University of Göttingen)



This is a virtual book on Nutritional Economics which consists of the papers written by me in the past decade.

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l  Section I: Introduction


Chapter 1: Introduction to Nutrients: Calories, Fat, Carbohydrate, Proteins, Minerals, and Vitamins



Chapter 2: Introduction to Nutrition Measures



l  Section II: Model Demand for Nutrients and Health Diet


Chapter 3: Demand for Nutrients in China

Tian X. ,and X. Yu (2013): “The Demand for Nutrients in China”, Frontiers of Economics in China. Vol.8(2):186-206.


Chapter4: Consumer Demand for Healthy Diet in the US

Gao Z., X. Yu and J. Lee (2013): “Consumer Demand for Healthy Diet: New Evidence from the Healthy Eating Index”, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Vol.57(3):301-319.


Chapter 5Model Nutrition Improvement and Dietary Change in China

Tian X. and X. Yu (2015). Using Semiparametric Models to Study Nutrition Improvement and Dietary Change with Different Indices: The Case of China. Food Policy.  Vol. 53:67–81



l  Section III: Price and Income effects on Nutrients


Chapter 6: Nutrition Impacts of Rising Food Prices in African Countries

Yu, X. and Shimokawa S. (2016) “Nutrition Impacts of Rising Food Prices in African Countries: A Review”. Food Security. Vol. 8(5):985-997. DOI: 10.1007/s12571-016-0605-7.


Chapter 7: Income change and Calories intake from a global context

Zhou D., and X. Yu (2016) “Calorie Elasticities with Income Dynamics: Evidence from the Literature”, Applied Economic Perspective and Policy. Vol.38 (1): 50-72.



l  Section IV: Other factors affecting nutrition: Nutrition Knowledge, Memory, Learning, Holiday, Food Structure, and Food Facility


Chapter 8: Nutrition Knowledge, Iron Deficiency and Children Anemia in Rural China  

Zhao Q. and X. Yu (2020) Nutrition Knowledge, Iron Deficiency and Children Anemia in Rural China, Journal of Development Studies.Vol.56(3):578-595.


Chapter 9: Memory utility, Food Consumption and Obesity

Zeng, Qiyan, Xiaohua Yu, Te Bao (2019) Memory Utility, Food Consumption and Obesity: Evidence from China. Forthcoming in China Economic Review.

Ding, Y. & Min, Shi & Wang, Xiaobing & Yu, Xiaohua, 2022. "Memory of famine: The persistent impact of famine experience on food waste behavior," China Economic Review, Elsevier, vol. 73(C).

Chapter 10: Learning to Weight Loss


Chapter 11: Nutrition Intake and Holiday Effects in China

   Luo, H. & X. Yu, 2022. "National day holiday and Weight Gain in China: evidence from the CHNS surveys," Applied Economics Letters, Taylor & Francis Journals, vol. 29(2), pages 145-149, January.


Chapter 12: Food Structural Change and Nutrition Improvement in China


Chapter 13: Supermarkets and Nutrition




l  Section V: Nutrition Statistics, Subjective Welfare and Nutrition History


Chapter 14: Food Waste and Nutrition Loss in China

Min S., X. Wang, X. Wang (2020) Does dietary knowledge affect household food waste in the developing economy of China?, Forthcoming in Food Policy.


Chapter 15 Inconsistencies in Food and Nutrition Statistics in China  

Yu X.  and D. Abler (2016) “Matching Food with Mouths: A Statistical Explanation to the Abnormal Decline of Per Capita Food Consumption in Rural China”, Food Policy. Vol.63:36-43.


Chapter 16 Obesity and Overweight Standard and subjective wellbeing

Zeng Q. and X. Yu (2019) Overweight and Obesity Standards and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from China, Economics and Human Biology. Vol.33: 144-148



Chapter 17: A Century of Nutrition Transition in Rural China  

Yu X. (2018) Engel Curve, Farmer Welfare and Food Consumption in 40 Years of Rural China, China Agricultural Economic Review. Vol.10(1):65-77.



l  Section VI: Nutrition and Economic Behavior


Chapter 18: Food Choice and Economic Behavior

Chapter 19: Hunger and IQ


Chapter 20: Social Behavior and Food Consumption