Basic Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (A/B)

Amount of working units: 8 AE
Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 12


  • FRI, 23rd of October 2020, 9AM - 5PM

Please register until FRI, 9th of October 2020.
Later registrations will be considered dependently on the registration status.

The workshop will take place in a virtual place, details will be announced beforehand.

Waldweg 26, 37073 Göttingen, Trakt 1, 3rd floor, room 3119

Workshop language: English

This workshop introduces participants to student-centered teaching as a guiding principle to university teaching. One of the workshop’s overarching goals is to provide a hands-on approach to effective course design and the challenges of teaching in higher education. Participants will learn ways in which to develop engaging lessons that integrate sample active learning methods. They will also have the opportunity to discuss different types of formative and summative evaluation. The workshop will provide the space to reflect upon one’s role as a (prospective) university teacher and the space to get feedback on best practices in teaching and learning. The workshop will be held in English.

After the workshop participants will

  • be familiar with key ideas about how people learn and the concept of student-centered teaching
  • have probed principles of effective lesson design and student-centered teaching methods
  • have discussed different types of evaluating student performance
  • have reflected upon best practices in teaching and learning and their role as university teachers

Used methods:

  • short inputs by workshop facilitator
  • individual and group exercises
  • visualization exercise
  • discussions and presentations


  • Introduction to teaching and learning
  • student-centered teaching
  • course design and lesson planning
  • content reduction techniques

Dr. Henrike Lehnguth: currently works at the University of the Arts Berlin and is a freelance trainer and coach in the fields of teaching and learning, career development and communication. She holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park. Henrike is a former coordinator of Maryland’s Center for Teaching Excellence and an experienced university instructor who has worked in German and US settings of higher education.